Flag-waving is an expression of popular culture. In Flanders it is particulary a recurrent demonstation of dexterity and strenght, of creativity and gracious movements.

This makes flag-waving a unique spectacle with a lot of action and acrobatics, thas has mafe colourful parades; proccions and festivities of all kinds centuries.

In Lille the art of flag-waving has been practised since 1955 and Alferitax Krawabelli arose from a local youthmovement in 1952. The name ‘Alferitax Krawabelli’ refers to the origin of the group.

Their beautiful flags and graceful flag-figures are very impressive and radiate a pleasant festive mood. Every motion and flag-figure has been created by the group itself.

Because of their spectacular performances and their knowledge, they are much beloved guests at home and abroad, even outside Europe.